12 June 2021

An Analysis of Several Aspects that can Guide Near Future Freight Rate Trends in India

In this analysis, FreightFox has studied the last few months data about various aspects (e.g. National electronic toll collection figures, Consumer satisfaction and future expectations indices, diesel price trends, diesel consumption, e-way bill trends etc.) to understand where the freight market is headed in the near future.

Our analysis predicts that while the demand has slowed down, the current situation and rising operational costs indicate that when the demand does pick up, the freight rates will rise significantly. The logistics teams should thus, proactively try and mitigate this imminent impact.

Key Points and Observations


Drop in the National Electronic Toll Collection in May-21 compared to Apr-21


Drop in Diesel Consumption in May-21 compared to Apr-21


Drop in monthly E-way Bill Generation in May-21 compared to Apr-21

16 Times

Diesel Price hiked in the month of May-21