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FreightFox connects to your existing systems, platforms, partners and vendors, collecting data from every RFQ, freight movement and plant to create a holistic view of your freight operations, along with strategic recommendations for improvement.

FreightFox is designed for manufacturers and transporters alike, enabling complete transparency and ease of communication for sustainable, streamlined freight operations.

FreightFox empowers transporters by creating a digital twin of their operations, allowing them complete visibility into operations, invoicing cycles and more, while providing consistent business opportunities through Freightfox’s growing network of manufacturers.

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FreightFox’s technology and consultancy approach allows us to provide value to  manufacturers regardless of industry. Our experience with different industries and consultative approach allows us to tailor strategies to meet your industry’s unique requirements.

Our Logistics Optimization and Continuous Upgradation Strategy (LOCUS, for short) is a unique approach to aligning internal logistics operations with external logistics market conditions, enabling real-time decision making that has helped some of the largest supply chains in India improve value delivery at a reduced cost.