Freight Sustainability

Bring sustainability to your freight operations

Keep track of emissions across your network and strategically implement changes to reduce the carbon footprint of your operations

Ingrain sustainability as a mindset

Leverage our Sustainable Transportation and Ratings (STAR) framework to drive sustainability in your supply chain

Quantify network emissions

Understand how freight movement creates emissions across lanes

View lane-level and node-level emissions produced
Account for vehicle type, age and BSE allocations
Analyze historical data on emission density
Plan countermeasures for lanes that produce higher Scope3 emissions

Prioritize low-impact transport

Drive sustainability into freight procurement efforts

Get granular data on vehicular emissions
Understand vehicle age, type, BSE allocation and more
Make strategic decisions on vehicles deployed in high-impact lanes
Select from an existing pool of vetted, eco-friendly transport partners

Achieve net neutrality

Combine insights with actionable strategies to reduce your carbon footprint

Optimize freight capacity to minimize fleet volume
Reduce haul distance while maximizing delivery value
Redesign freight lanes and nodes for lower emissions
View impact of sustainable freight initiatives

Implement sustainable initiatives that create a real impact

Strategic, data-driven sustainable initiatives help the biggest supply chain operators achieve low cost net neutrality

Visualize environmental impact
Freight Sustainability enables you to significantly reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a healthier planet.
Implement operational responsibility
Sustainable freight practices not only benefit the environment but also your bottom line.
Achieve net zero emissions
Implementing sustainable practices in your freight operations can streamline your processes and improve overall efficiency.
Improve operational reputation
By adopting sustainable practices in your freight operations, you can differentiate your business and gain a competitive edge.
Breathe sustainability into your freight network today
Discover how FreightFox's freight sustainability module can optimize your logistics operations.