Freight Procure

 Turn freight procurement into your competitive advantage

 Leverage a consultative approach to freight procurement that sets up your supply chain network for success from day 1

Intelligent, tech-enabled freight procurement

Combining personalized strategy and visibility-focused technology has streamlined freight procurement for the country's largest supply chains.

Tailored procurement strategy

Get a custom procurement strategy from industry experts based on your network’s unique requirements

Start with a detailed spend analysis of your freight network
Leverage historic and real-time data to understand freight trends
Save up to 16% on procurement
View optimal origin-destination-vehicle-type configurations

Vetted transport partners

Access a growing network of vetted supply chain enablers to find the perfect transport partner for your supply chain needs

Choose from 1000+ transport partners
Rigorous quality checks for reliable delivery
Diverse range of transport vehicles available
Better tracking for guaranteed visibility

Intelligent procurement engine

Allocate business to transport partners based on a well defined set of factors

Intelligent contract allocation, optimized basis your spend analysis
Prioritize and reward transporters for delivering KPIs that matter to you
Send quotes and finalize contracts on one platform
Save up to 16% on procurement

Intelligent freight procurement that defines supply chain success

Set your supply chain up for success from day 1 with smarter freight procurement

Improved cost efficiency
FreightFox's Freight Procurement module helps you reduce your transportation costs by optimizing freight procurement processes.
Enhanced value delivery
By using data-driven insights, you can select the most reliable and efficient carriers, leading to improved service quality and customer satisfaction.
Optimized contract allocation
By analyzing transportation data and leveraging insights, you can optimize your supply chain, improve efficiency, and enhance overall performance.
Operational visibility
By automating processes and centralizing data, you can reduce manual errors, improve productivity, and achieve operational excellence.
Optimal freight procurement - just a few clicks away
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