Freight IQ

Supply chain intelligence for optimized operations

Power supply chain operations and make informed decisions across the freight lifecycle with timely information on developments in your network and industry

Drive supply chain decisions, backed by data

Make informed decisions across your freight network with real-time insights into the latest developments in your industry, area of operations and more.

Visualize market dynamics

Account for market forces and accurately predict seasonal impact on operations

Real-time insights into developments relevant to your operations
View historic trends in freight availability in your industry
Plan for seasonality in freight operations
Get updates on an industry and geography level

Oversee network operations

Get complete insight into day-to-day operations across your network

Unrestricted view of real-time freight operations
Compare lane performance to industry benchmarks
Optimize your network at an ODVT level
Make strategic decisions with confidence

Contextual network alerts

Get prioritized updates on any developments that require your attention

Stay in the know of any delays across your network
Stay updated on real-time industry developments
Prioritized notifications basis impact on your network
Use alerts to adapt your freight network with agility

Enhance supply chain resilience with insights from the field

Timely information help supply chains reconfigure strategies and adapt to changing operating environments with confidence

Improved forecasts
By using Freight IQ in your freight operations, you can differentiate your business and gain a competitive edge.
Enhanced predictability
With Freight IQ, you can make informed decisions, streamline processes, and stay ahead of the competition.
Maximized value delivery
Freight IQ enables you to leverage data and analytics to streamline processes and improve overall efficiency.
Operational resilience
By harnessing the power of Freight IQ, you can improve efficiency and drive cost savings across your operations
Transform supply chain operations with hyper-focused insights
Freight IQ is the ultimate solution for optimizing your logistics operations. Schedule a consultation or request access today.