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Deconstructing alcobev supply chain operations

Increasing regulatory measures coupled with fragmented procurement creates a unique set of logistical challenges for Alcobev operations

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Complex regulatory compliance

Complex regulatory compliance is a formidable challenge for the alcobev industry. Adhering to stringent regulations and government-defined routes constrains strategic choices, hindering supply chain flexibility. This limitation impacts the industry's ability to optimize routes and adapt swiftly to dynamic market changes.

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Network Optimization Hurdles

Network optimization hurdles in the alcobev industry arise from route restrictions, impeding the full optimization of transportation networks. This limitation affects the industry's strategic capabilities, resulting in suboptimal transportation efficiency and increased operational costs. Strategic route planning is constrained, impacting the industry's overall supply chain performance.

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Fragmented Procurement Landscape

The alcobev industry grapples with a fragmented procurement landscape characterized by over 3000 lane-vehicle type combinations, fragmented transportation data, and limited strategic value discovery. This complexity leads to inefficiencies, extending procurement timelines to four months and contributing to higher freight budgets. Streamlining this intricate landscape is crucial for improved procurement processes.

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High Cost of Compliance

The alcobev industry faces a significant challenge in the form of high compliance costs. Excise regulations, fixed routes, and mandatory escorts contribute to increased operational expenses. Detentions in government-controlled warehouses further strain budgets, limiting flexibility for essential aspects of the business. Navigating these high compliance costs is essential for operational efficiency in the industry.

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Bring efficiency to alcobev supply chains

Our tailored solutions help Alcobev businesses streamline supply chain operations and improve margins considerably

Freight Spend Analytics
Visualize freight spend and find potential areas for cost savings with a detailed tear down of spends across your entire network
Freight Procurement Strategy
Leverage our consultative approach and redefine your procurement strategy keeping in mind real-time market forces and unique network KPIs
Freight Market Intelligence
Complete insights and real-time updates on the latest developments in your industry and your netowrk to help you make strategic decisions with confidence
Freight Procure - to - Pay
Drive the entire procurement process from initial scouting to invoice reconcilliation from a single platform
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