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Navigating the pitfalls of FMCD supply chain operations

Oscillating demand skewness, varying seasonality, repeated contract failures and more - FMCD supply chain networks have several unique factors to work with

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Demand variability

Demand variability poses a significant challenge in the FMCD sector, with pronounced skewness across geographies and time frames. This forces supply chain managers to make dynamic changes to the network on the go, requiring agility and adaptability to meet fluctuating demand patterns effectively.

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Steep ramp ups

Steep ramp-ups during peak seasons in the FMCD sector demand on-the-spot procurement. Supply chain operators must quickly contract additional trucks to meet the surge in demand, necessitating agile and responsive logistics strategies to efficiently scale up operations during busy periods.

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Severe unpredictability

Severe unpredictability stemming from massive demand variability in the FMCD sector requires accurate predictions for informed procurement strategies and optimal network design. Managing this unpredictability becomes crucial for supply chain efficiency, emphasizing the need for robust forecasting and strategic planning to navigate the industry's dynamic demands.

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Repeat contract failures

Repeat contract failures in the FMCD sector result from the lack of a dynamic procurement strategy. Inefficient contract allocation, due to the industry's dynamic nature, leads to recurring failures, accumulating costs. Addressing this challenge requires a more adaptive and responsive approach to procurement to ensure contract success and cost-effectiveness.

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Bring predictability to FMCD freight operations

Leverage solutions built on a deep understanding of FMCD freight market dynamics to bring efficiency to operations

Freight Spend Analytics
Get a comprehensive breakdown of freight spend across lanes and find cost saving opportunities
Freight Procurement Strategy
Get a tailored procurement strategy for floating contracts that work best with the seasonale variability of FMCD demand
Freight Market Intelligence
Complete insights and real-time updates on demand in the FMCD industry and get timely info on changes in your network to help you make strategic decisions with confidence
Freight Procure - to - Pay
Drive the entire procurement process from initial scouting to final invoice from a single platform
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