Freight Manage

Advanced Freight Management Solutions for Your Network

Oversee day-to-day operations of your entire freight network from one module. Optimize contract allocation, coordinate freight movement, detect and fix network inefficiencies and more

Automate Freight Operations

Leverage unprecedented visibility to eliminate manual freight management, enabling new efficiencies for your logistics teams and lowering unplanned transportation costs by 15%.

Improved Freight network visibility

Track & trace freight movements across your network with unprecedented visibility

Track freight movement via SIM, FastTag and more
Real-time analytics to track lane performance
Get notified immediately on unplanned delays
View freight intensity across routes

Enhanced finance management

A centralized system to streamline freight finance

Intelligent recommendations for easy indent management
Reconcile invoices across the freight network
Auto-generate audit trails for easier reconciliation
Predict and plan for fluctuations in transport availability

Optimize your network

Get all the insights you need to effectively redesign your freight network

Visualize your freight traffic across your network
Identify chokepoints that hinder freight movement
Plan for new warehouses in optimized locations
Understand market trends and plan for demand variations

Superior freight management system that creates new operational efficiencies

Uncover new areas of improvement with a platform that takes the effort out of freight management

Operational transparency
FreightFox's platform offers unparalleled operational transparency, providing real-time insights to optimize logistics and enhance efficiency
Improved cost efficiency
FreightFox's platform helps you reduce costs by optimizing freight procurement and management processes.
Optimized contract allocation
Freight Management gain you visibility into your freight operations, enabling informed decisions and transparency, including optimized contract allocation.
Enhanced value delivery
By automating processes and centralizing data, you can reduce manual errors, improve productivity, and achieve operational excellence.
Turn freight management into your competitive advantage
Discover how FreightFox's cloud-based platform can streamline your logistics operations.