Precision Transportation Management Solutions: Optimizing and Orchestrating Freight Networks

Freightfox revolutionizes freight procurement, management, and deployment for India’s largest supply chain operators through end to end transportation management solutions.

Freightfox Transport Management Solutions
fewer man-hours spent on procurement
Drop in unplanned transportation costs
Reduction in freight budgets
Vetted transport partners in the Freightfox network

Your control tower for freight operations

Unprecedented visibility and real time intelligence that turns logistics into your competitive advantage

Freight Spend Analytics

Optimize value delivery at maximized margins through detailed freight spend teardowns

Freight Procurement Strategy

Fine tune projections to reflect real-world freight dynamics and drive intelligent procurement that unlocks new KPIs

Freight Procure - to - Pay

Orchestrate end-to-end freight procurement from a single dashboard

Freight Market Intelligence

Get real time notifications on freight market contours and developments that impact your bottom line

Freight Capacity - Access to New & Qualified Transporters

Find transport enablers that best fit your supply chain requirements from a network of 1000+ partners

The four levers of streamlined freight networks

Dictate success in freight operations through a tried and tested modular approach

Freight Procure

Manage end-to-end procurement cycles

Freight Manage

Oversee freight movement across your network

Freight IQ

Get real-time intelligence on freight market dynamics

Freight Sustainability

Slash carbon footprint through responsible operations

Tailored Transportation Management Solutions for Every Industry

Our advanced TMS stands out as the sole solution capable of providing top-tier supply chain management features while offering customizable workflows and scalability across complex, distributed networks

Understand your freight logistics operations better

Book a benchmarking assessment that dives into your top 5 lanes and find new cost saving opportunities.

Book an assessment
Logistics Operations & Service Quality compares to industry peers.
Industry & Region Specific Freight Benchmark.
Freight Procurement & Management Process effectiveness.
Digital Maturity Assessment.

Case Studies

How Freightfox Enabled Real-Time Logistics Transformation For A Major Engineering Solutions Provider
Learn how Freightfox altered logistics for an Engineering Solutions Provider with streamlined procurement, enhanced visibility & sustainability
How FreightFox Transformed Transportation Procurement For A Leading Alcobev Conglomerate
Discover how Freightfox revolutionized Alcobev procurement, delivering cost savings, sustainability impact and a successful long-term partnership
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Discover how FreightFox's cloud-based tms platform can optimize your freight network and sustainability.