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How FreightFox Transformed Transportation Procurement For A Leading Alcobev Conglomerate

John Doe
11 Jan 2022
5 min read
How FreightFox Transformed Transportation Procurement For A Leading Alcobev Conglomerate
“Our client, a major player in the Alcobev industry, grappled with intricate procurement challenges, navigating complex logistics and regulatory constraints. Traditional tools fell short, prompting the integration of Freightfox. This collaboration delivered tailored solutions, reducing costs, expanding strategic choices, and fostering sustainability in transportation—a transformative impact on our client's procurement landscape.”

The Alcobev industry, boasting a $52.4 billion market size, poised to reach $64 billion by 2030 according to The Hindu Business Line, faces unique challenges, particularly in the beer sector. Characterized by extensive Origin-Destination (OD) lanes, government-managed warehouses, and diverse state regulations, this industry demands optimal supply chain efficiency.

Specific challenges are faced, including regulatory constraints stemming from the excise-controlled status of liquor. This brings forth stringent regulations, limiting strategic choices due to government-defined routes and market restrictions. 

Additionally, network optimization grapples with hurdles, as route restrictions impede the industry's ability to fully optimize transportation networks, resulting in strategic limitations. 

The cost of compliance adds another layer of complexity, with high expenses associated with adhering to excise regulations, fixed routes, and mandatory escorts. Even the best-performing breweries face detentions of around 15 to 20% in government-controlled warehouses.

Despite being 2 percent of the country's nominal GDP, the industry faces complexities. Foreign brands, offering up to 80% discounts, require impeccable efficiency to sustain such offerings.

In this dynamic setting, our client, a significant industry player, encountered these challenges. Relying on a prominent legacy procurement platform for diverse business materials, including raw materials, revealed its inadequacy for intricate transportation needs. 

These challenges extended to strategic planning and exposed limitations in handling transportation strategy.

Key Challenges

Our client grappled with five significant challenges in their procurement and transportation workflows.

  • Legacy procurement platforms, designed for diverse enterprise needs, fell short in meeting the intricate demands of our client’s transportation procurement. Managing over 3000 lane-vehicle type combinations in a complex network, the organization grappled with fragmented and inconsistent transportation data.

  • Annual procurement efforts over the legacy platform, lasting four months, involved multiple stakeholders and accounted for up to 7.5% of annual revenues. Contract failures historically forced risk purchases, comprising around 20% of freight budgets, while the use of legacy platforms offered minimal value discovery, limiting strategic choices.
  • The platform struggled to support nuanced strategic planning, essential for effective transportation procurement. Handling vital data from historical movements and business projections became a challenge, hampering the formulation of robust procurement strategies.
  • Managing an extensive network of 700 OD lanes, each accommodating various truck types, resulted in a staggering 3000 OD origin-destination-vehicle type combinations. The complexity escalated when assessing bids from approximately 50 transporters for 2800 ODVT combinations, rendering the procurement landscape intricate and challenging.
  • In navigating transportation procurement challenges, our client sought a simplified yet comprehensive solution. The strategic component, often overlooked by other platforms, remained a crucial unsolved piece, requiring the ability to strategize based on past movements and business projections.


Freightfox initiated a thorough root cause analysis to methodically identify and address the key challenges faced by our client, refraining from a one-size-fits-all approach. The approach encompassed the following.

Comprehensive Platform Integration:

Freightfox initiated a seamless integration of the FreightProcure solution, enhancing consistency in transportation network data for analysis and actionable insights. The mandated use of Freightfox for invoicing ensured a standardized and efficient process, promoting transparency and operational efficiency.

Tailored Solutions for Transportation Challenges:

Introducing FreightProcure expanded our client's transport partner base, carefully onboarded after thorough due diligence. 

Logical segmentation of ODVTs enabled strategic planning, achieving the desired fleet and operator mix. 

Solutions were tailored to navigate the complexities of managing 700 OD lanes, diverse vehicle types, and intricate government-managed distribution, ensuring optimal efficiency.

Streamlined Transportation Procurement Challenges:

Freightfox adeptly addressed the intricacies of transportation procurement, from projections to lane-specific considerations and strategy formulation. 

Identification of high-trust lanes for direct contracting and strategic bundling of lanes enhanced value discovery while balancing operational risk. 

Historical dispatch analysis eliminated ghost lanes, contributing to more informed decision-making.

Strategic Planning Capabilities:

The platform was enhanced to meet unique strategic planning needs in transportation procurement. Tools for analyzing historical movements, business projections, and bid simulations empowered effective strategy formulation.

Progressive RFQ interest analysis provided insights into competition on all ODVTs, and the value discovery estimator allowed lane segmentation with projected savings from reverse auctions.

Ongoing Collaboration and Capability Enhancement:

A long-term partnership spanning three years was established, emphasizing continuous collaboration to enhance platform capabilities. Adaptability to changing procurement needs still ensures the platform evolves to meet the growing requirements of our client.

Sustainability Integration:

As an added value, Freightfox collaborated with our client to measure, move, and motivate for Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions reduction. 

Initiatives included a unique tank-to-wheel emission scoping, exploring eco-friendly transportation options, and incentivizing greener fleets through the 'Smiles' (Sustainable-Miles) loyalty program. 

This sustainability-focused integration aligned with our commitment to environmentally conscious logistics solutions.


Freightfox's transformative impact on our client's operations manifests in substantial results across key domains.

Cost Reduction and Financial Savings:

  • Freightfox achieved a substantial reduction in financial losses for our client, notably derisking operations and optimizing the freight budget, resulting in a ~5% reduction. Unplanned transportation costs were also reduced by over 10%. 
  • The implementation led to a remarkable 70% reduction in man-hours required for end-to-end procurement, streamlining processes for greater efficiency.

Enhanced Strategic Choices:

  • Empowering our client with over 1000 verified transport partners, Freightfox facilitated a broader range of strategic choices in procurement and logistics. 
  • The platform's dynamic capabilities provided the flexibility needed to adapt to changing business needs and evolving industry dynamics.

Increased Transporter Engagement:

  • FreightProcure created increased engagement among existing and new transporters, offering transparency and equal opportunities in enterprise procurements. 
  • The platform's efficiency and reliability inspired transporters to collaborate actively, expanding and enriching the ecosystem.

Sustainability Impact:

Freightfox's commitment to sustainability was evident through initiatives aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting eco-friendly transportation practices. 

  • Identifying and trialing low-carbon fuel vehicles in specific catchments, including successful trials with zero carbon fuel (CBG) from tank to wheel, showcased tangible environmental impact.

Long-Term Partnership Success:

The ongoing three-year partnership with Freightfox has consistently delivered positive outcomes. Continuous enhancements in platform capabilities showcase our adaptability to evolving procurement needs, solidifying the success of long-term collaboration.

Achieving Operational Excellence Through Strategic Collaboration

In navigating the intricacies of logistics challenges, the collaboration between Freightfox and our client unfolded as a practical response. Together, we harnessed collective efforts to confront and unravel complexities, shaping a solution that exceeds industry norms and mitigates the challenges that come with it. 

This alliance signifies a tangible evolution in logistics, where precision and collaboration converge to redefine operational efficiency.

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